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Bursary Report: 2018

In 2018 the Akili trust supported the secondary school education of 25 local young people through its bursary programme. We regularly award a new bursary to a boy and girl from the two communities of Dabaso and Kakuyuni each year. But in 2018 we were able to award three additional bursaries for girls as a result of funding from the Sir Ernest Cassel Educational trust to promote girls’ educational opportunities. These were given to a girl each from Kakuyuni and Dabaso and another to a girl from Watamu. The latter is a very poorly resourced school, close to Dabaso, which we have been supporting with the donation of books and a bursary to a male student. In total the programme paid the school fees of 12 boys and 13 girls.

Unfortunately one of our year1 girls had to leave school during the year through illness. But happily she has resumed year 1 in 2019 after much support from Janet, one of our librarians, to the girl and her parents.

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