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Dabaso Library was started as a small collection of books in 2003.

Expanded in October 2006 with the appointment of a librarian, it now houses around 6,000 books – reference works, fiction, children’s books and a large number of school textbooks in every subject. Up to 40 readers can sit at tables and there is a small room for the youngest children.

In 2006, Dabaso Primary School was the most improved in the District, leaping from the bottom of the public exams ranking to second place  – an effect largely credited to the library. It has continued to make steady progress.Recently, the stock has been replenished with books requested from both the UK and local publishers in Nairobi, with books in Swahili, and with revision guides for students. The librarians at Dabaso also support a small library at Watamu Primary School.

There have been several changes of Headteacher since we started working in the school. As a mark of the library’s impact, there has been consistent support for the library from the school and the Management Committee.


The key feature of the Akili libraries is that they are staffed on a full time basis. Our librarians are local and have been trained to manage the library and work with the students in the school.

Each library has a local volunteer community member who supports the running of the library services, acting as a link to the local community.


Fred Kittu

Senior Librarian

Fred was appointed as the permanent senior librarian in Dabaso in October 2012. He is a very established member of staff and is very interested in writing a history of the local community; he has begun this work with community members and students from the school.
Fred's favourite things about the job are the interaction with students and library users, expansion of knowledge, seeing others emulate through the useful collection.


Cornelius Kahinde

Assistant Librarian

Cornelius was appointed to be the IT Library Assistant during our visit in October 2012.

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Lawrence Nzai

Committee Member

Selected as a Chairman of Akili trust from 2018, Lawrence provides strategic leadership to the daily running of the library services and is committed towards ensuring library services run smoothly. He also provides mentorship to the Akili bursary students and the community on university placements and guidance towards academic excellence. Finallyl, he gives health talks to bursary girls on menstrual hygiene management, working with women groups through the village saving association to enable them improve their livelihood. 


Library Reports


Stories from Kilifi



Help support Fred, Cornelius and Dabaso library by donating via the link below.

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