Our mission is to improve literacy and educational opportunities in Kilifi County on the Eastern coast of Kenya, establishing and supporting community libraries, providing educational resources, funding library community bursaries for secondary education, and organising professional training.


The Akili Trust was founded by Nicci Crowther in 2006. Sadly Nicci died in November 2008 but is remembered with love and respect by the communities in Dabaso and Kakuyuni, where trees have been planted in her memory.


Media Trust filmed Akili in action at Dabaso and Kakuyuni schools, in Kilifi County, Kenya.


A library without librarians is just a room full of books.

The Akili Trust is dedicated to ensuring that the community libraries are well looked after by some fantastic and passionate librarians.


We also make sure that local committees are in place, as they are better suited to make decisions that impact their own community. 

Janet Kaingu

Fred Kittu

Head Librarian

Dabaso Library

Cornelius Kahinde

Assistant Librarian

Dabaso Library

Erikson Ruwa

Assistant Librarian

Kakuyuni Library

Head Librarian

Kakuyuni Library


Akili Community Libraries has six trustees, two of which are also trustees of the UK charity.

Peter Baraka

Benson Mutua

Francis Matayo

Jon Mutsumi

Pam Dix

Seonaid Macleod


The Akili Trust is run by a committee of volunteer trustees in the UK, who communicate with the librarians on a weekly basis. Each trustee comes from a different professional background, but all have a unifying dedication in trying to make access to education easier for the communities in Dabaso and Kakuyuni.

Pam Dix

Pam Dix is a professional librarian and is engaged in many projects which promote libraries and reading for children and young people. 

Anne Sofer

Anne has had a lifelong interest in education, as a teacher, writer, local politician and administrator. 

Laura Gavshon

For Laura, the libraries promote reading and learning for school children and also serve as  a hub for the local community.

Jenny Pitkin

Jenny is a retired university teacher and a firm believer in the power and potential of education.

Margaret Sills

Margaret has been a trustee of several charities and currently serves on the committee of the Hutton-Dabaso Twinning Association.

Seonaid MacLeod

Seonaid works in educational publishing, and believes in the importance of reading for pleasure and libraries in education. 



Jessie is Managing Director at Educational Social Enterprise, Debate Mate. She is an ex-teacher and is passionate about improving literacy levels for students all over the world. 

Dan Gavshon Kirkbride

Dan has been a trustee and treasurer of the Akili Trust since he joined in 2012.


The Akili Trust is a Registered UK Charity, number 1114275. 

It is twinned with Akili Community Libraries, a registered NGO in Kenya: OP.218/051/2008/017/5057.


You can find all annual reports for both bodies below.

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119 Victoria Road 

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United Kingdom


The Akili Trust is a UK charity committed to the development of community libraries in East Africa (UK charity number 1114275)

Akili Community Libraries is the Kenyan partner organisation and is registered as an NGO in Kenya. NGO number OP.218/051/2008/017/5057

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