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Kakuyuni Library opened on 12 October 2007 with a ceremony attended by the community and local officials.

The newly-appointed librarians’ first task was to conduct a survey of 305 local people’s reading habits. The results were encouraging in some aspects: the adult population reported 80% literacy, 99% of whom said they like reading books or newspapers. However, owning books remains beyond most people’s means, and only 34% of the literate adults and 2% of primary children had ever used a library in 2007.

Kakuyuni village lies about fifteen miles inland from the Coast. Ten schools and a polytechnic are within walking distance, and can access the library which boasts a separate children’s section and an extra study room.

To increase spaces for reading, the area outside the library has been planted with a beautiful ‘living’ fence and a number of shelters (called makuti) to provide shade for tables and chairs. This can be seen in the photos and has really encouraged adults from the local community to visit the library. In 2018, Janet led a campaign to build the library’s first working toilet


The key feature of the Akili libraries is that they are staffed on a full time basis. Our librarians are local and have been trained to manage the library and work with the students in the school.

Each library has a local volunteer community member who supports the running of the library services, acting as a link to the local community.


Janet Kaingu

Senior Librarian

Janet is the senior member of staff in the library at Kakuyuni and was instrumental in the setting up of the library and in developing its work with the school.

What Janet likes most about the job is that is gives her ample time to read and expand her knowledge, as well as working with the children and encouraging them to read.

How Janet hopes to be a qualified librarian and would like to see the library should develop with more books on African writers, as well as access to the internet


Erikson Ruwa

Assistant Librarian

Erikson is a journalism graduate and joined the library in 2018 and he has been very impressed so far.

He sees his work at the library as giving back to the community whose generosity gave him the opportunity to go to school himself.

Working with Janet is “amazing” and he sees her like a mother!

Outside of his library duties, he particularly helps the students with their maths homework.


Francis Matayo

Community Member

Francis is a resident of Kakuyuni Village. Now retired from a fruitful career as an Executive in Shipping and Transportation Logistics, he brings his experience in management, administration and strategic solutions to the Akili Trust library committee. 

He is passionate about humanitarian projects, community development and poverty reduction programmes. 

A committed Christian layman, Francis believes in hard work to make an honest living and values high achievement in any engagement. 


Library Reports


Stories from Kilifi



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