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Bursary Report: 2019

Here is an extract from the bursary report:

In 2019 the programme paid the secondary school fees for 28 local young people, 15 girls and 13 boys, at 18 different schools. All the students, with one exception, attend as boarders at the schools. The total cost of the programme was 1,313,646 kenyan shillings (about £9,916) with an average cost of 50,525ks per year (about £381) The range is between 40,435 and 57,835 (£305 – £436).

Beneficiaries are selected on the basis of their grade at the end of primary school exams (KCPE) and their family’s financial circumstances which mean that without a bursary they would be unable to attend secondary school. Assessment and selection are undertaken by the library management committees in each school with an independent member. Minutes of the selection panel meeting are recorded.

The librarians at Kakuyuni (Janet and Erickson) and Dabaso (Fred and Cornelius) are instrumental in administering the selection process and in supporting both parents and students through the process and beyond. At the end of each school year the librarians conduct a review of the students’ progress. The students are expected to undertake various duties in the library during the school holidays.

Download the full report here.

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