Bursary report: 2016

In 2016 the Akili Trust paid the secondary school fees for 26 young people at 16 different schools. The students come from the communities in which our 2 libraries are located, Dabaso and Kakuyuni. They are selected by committees made up of representatives from the respective libraries and schools on the basis of their academic achievements and their families’ impoverished circumstances.

This report includes the annual review of the bursary scheme. It details some significant issues in the Kenyan school system, including the rise in school fees. The students themselves give a flavour of their school experiences: the clubs they belong to and their hopes for the future. The Akili trust is committed to supporting equal educational opportunities for boys and girls. In 2016 we took initial steps in attempting to identify some of the disadvantages faced by girls and this is work we hope to continue in the future.

Our librarians play an important role both in the administration of the bursary scheme and in supporting the students. At Easter this year they organised the second annual meeting of the bursary students together with a number of ex-bursary students. A report of the day is included.


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