Kakuyuni Report: July 2019

Here is an extract from the report.

After the main hall ceiling repair which we did in March 2019, we had nothing in our account, though the ceiling at the corridor was as well damaged. When Jenny visited us, she also saw the problem and asked us to get the quotations which we did. After jenny left, the trustees authorized us to use the running cost to repair it. As far as the quotations was concerned, we were to use 3800/- but after purchasing the materials we realized that the damage was a major one not as we thought of. In that regard, we had to purchase more materials since the repair was to be accomplished. So we purchased more materials worthy 1650/- on top of the quotation sent to you hence exhausting the last disbursement of March which was fifty thousand shillings (Ksh 50,000.00).

Please download the full report here.

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