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10 years of Akili working in Kenya

The Akili Trust began as a charity in January 2006 with the aim of promoting literacy in the Kilifi province in Kenya.

To celebrate and commemorate this momentous year, we are asking all of our subscribers and friends to mark our 10th birthday by donating £10 to Akili.

Some facts and figures about our first ten years…


  1. Established two fully-funded community libraries based in primary schools and used by the local community

  2. Each library has 2 permanent members of staff

  3. 8 librarians trained in a range of skills, including IT

  4. Library support for two local secondary schools

  5. Satellite libraries in two other primary schools

  6. Book donations to the local health centre and 2 local orphanages

  7. 18,200 donated books sent from the UK

  8. 1,000 books bought in Kenya for library use


  1. 26 students through secondary school from Akili bursaries – now in further education and employment

  2. 26 students currently in the programme

  3. None of these students would have gone to secondary school if they had not received your support.

Where will your £10 go?

All donations go towards supporting our core activities:

  1. Librarian salaries and library maintenance

  2. Bursary school fees

  3. Books, newspapers and educational resources

The Akili Trust is able to do this work thanks to the outstanding efforts of our librarians, committee members and friends in Kenya, and to you, our supporters whose donations keep it going.

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