Supporting Libraries in East Africa

The main purpose of the Akili Trust is to develop libraries in rural areas of Kenya to contribute to the promotion and development of literacy. We aim to work with local and national communities and NGOs to improve literacy and expand access to education.

The Akili Trust

The Akili Trust achieved charitable status in May 2006. ‘Akili’ means ‘brains’ or ‘intellect’ in Kiswahili. The purpose of the Trust is to contribute to the promotion and development of literacy.


The Akili Trust works in East Africa to establish and support community libraries, provide educational resources, fund library bursaries for secondary education, organise professional training.

Akili Community Libraries

The Akili Trust has funded the registration of a sister organisation in Kenya known as Akili Community Libraries (ACL) to provide advice, support and guidance.

Akili Community Libraries

We work in the very rural part of northern Kenya, Kilifi District, in villages that are just being connected to electricity

Dabaso Library

Kakuyuni Library

Bursary students

Get involved

Financial donations are used to support all aspects of our work.
You can also specify if you are interested in sponsoring a bursary for one of our students.
Your donation will be used for this purpose, we do not make links between donors and individual students.

News & Events


An Akili Bursary Student – in the real world


We were delighted to receive some photographs and an email from an ex-Akili bursary student Lawrence who has recently graduated from the World Vision Kenya Graduate Intern Program.

Thomas Gould1060v2

Thomas Gould and Friends Concert


Friday 20th October 2017, 7.00 pm

St Mark’s Church, St Mark’s Square, London NW1 7TN
(Free parking available in the streets adjacent to the church)


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