The Bursary Programme

The Akili bursary programme depends upon constant fundraising. Currently the programme represents almost half of our annual spending. There are a number of ways you can support this:

  • A commitment to fund a bursary for one student over 4 years of secondary schooling. This would cost £370 p.a for 4 years, £1,480.
  • A commitment to fund one year’s bursary for a student. This would cost a one-off payment of £370.
  • A general donation to Akili towards the overall cost of the bursary programme.

The following is how two of our bursary students feel about their bursaries:

Laurence is 18 years old and in his last year at secondary school. He wrote: “The Akili Trust bursary has enabled me to see my future hope. I would like to inform you that I am an industrious boy and believe through your support I will manage to overcome the challenges of the world. My dream or ambition is to become a doctor and due to that I have put a lot of concentration in my studies. My sincere hope is that through your support I will achieve my goals. My mission is to make Dabaso better than I found it in terms of academic excellence. This will be achieved through your support and the resource that is situated at Dabaso. My hobby is reading story books and I am a supporter of the Gunners ( Arsenal).”

Laureen is a 16 year old girl living in the village at Dabaso. She wrote: “Through the Akili Trust sponsors I have been able to join the outlined secondary school and now going on with the education for three years. Through the Akili Trust I have been able to acquire encouragement and its my sincere hope that through their educational motivation I will be able to pursue my ambition of becoming one of the famous worldwide surgeons. I also have three sisters and one brother, one niece and three nephews. I have a pet ( a cat).”

As is evident, Laurence and Laureen are bright students who through the Akili bursary programme have had access to secondary schooling and educational materials which they would otherwise not have had. The bursary programme offers them the opportunity to realise their ambitions.

Full details of the Bursary Programme