Seonaid MacLeod

Seonaid MacLeod works in Intellectual Property and Rights at Pearson Education, working mainly on English Readers, books to read for pleasure for English as a Second Language (ESL) students. Her previous experience is in trade publishing, and later at the Publishers Association, where she worked on campaigns to improve representation in the industry, support reading […]

Jess Rolfe Dix

Jess joined as a trustee after an inspirational visit to Kenya to work with the charity in 2015. She graduated from the University of Warwick with a degree in Comparative American Studies. As part of her degree she spent a year studying History and Literature at UCLA in the USA. Jess is a Teach First […]

Pam Dix

Pam is a professional librarian and has been a lifelong champion of school libraries and librarians. She has been the chair of the Akili Trust since 2008 and has made many visits to Kenya and is absolutely committed to working in and with the schools in the Kilifi district. Pam worked in the school library […]

Laura Gavshon

Laura has been a trustee since 2009. In 2012, she went on the trustee visit to Kenya. She saw the value of the libraries as a community hub, for children and adults, not just a space for books, but also a place for meeting and exchange. When she was a child, her dad took her […]

Carly Hardman

Carly is one of the newest members of the Akili family and became a trustee after a visit to Kilifi County in February 2015. Having studied English at Warwick University she is interested in all kinds of literature and is always keen to hear what books are popular in the libraries in Kenya. She has […]

Jenny Pitkin

Jenny has been an Akili trustee since 2011, having visited the Libraries in 2010 and been so impressed by these ‘oases of learning’. She is a University teacher and is a firm believer in the power and potential of education. Jenny is particularly interested in the Akili bursary programme and the opportunities it opens up […]

Margaret Sills

Margaret lives in London and Hutton (Somerset). She has been a trustee of several charities and currently serves on the committee of the Hutton-Dabaso Twinning Association, having visited Dabaso in 2009, as well as joining the Akili Trust as a trustee in 2015. Education, Gender and Inequalities are high on her list of interests. Her […]

Anne Sofer

Anne has had a lifelong interest in education, as a teacher, writer, local politician and administrator. Before she retired she was the Director of Education in Tower Hamlets, a multi-racial London borough, where she was responsible for overseeing 100 plus schools, and other educational services, including a school library service. Now aged 78, Anne has […]