Pam Dix

Pam is a professional librarian and has been a lifelong champion of school libraries and librarians. She has been the chair of the Akili Trust since 2008 and has made many visits to Kenya and is absolutely committed to working in and with the schools in the Kilifi district.

Pam worked in the school library sector in Inner London for more than 30 years, both as a school librarian and as the head of various local authority school library loans and advisory services. She has been involved in in-service teacher training and also teaches children’s literature to education students at university. She has been Chair of IBBY UK (International Board on Books for Young People) since 2014 and joined the Board of Trustees of Book Aid International in September 2015.

Pam has many interests and hobbies but is particularly enthusiastic about children’s literature and finding ways of supporting and developing young people’s reading habits and access to books. She lives in London with her partner and has two grown up children, all of whom have visited and worked in the libraries.