Kakuyuni: January 2019

Here is an extract from the report. In the course of this period, the library has been running smoothly experiencing large numbers of readers as many secondary and primary students were preparing for their national exams, The young readers really enjoyed the African writers story books bought this year. We hope these books will help […]

Dabaso: April 2019

Here is an extract from the report: Dear Reader,It is yet another moment to present to you our new quarter. Although we are general close to the planting season, we must admit the current dry spell has many people wondering what will happen next. For instance, Kilifi County has been adversely affected by droughts in […]

Dabaso: October 2018

Here is an extract from the report: Greetings once again from Dabaso! After experiencing the torrential rains in many parts of the country in the last few months, the calmness has finally returned. The dry season is starting to kick in. The locals are happy again to see the sunshine. Here are the notes for […]

Kakuyuni: October 2018

An extract from the report: After getting the replacement of the Assistant Librarian/ IT Trainer, work has been running very smoothly with the cooperation of Erickson Kiboni Ruwa the Assistant Librarian and IT Tutor. We received the new African story books and they have a very big impact to the young readers. The library is […]