Janet Kaingu

Janet is the senior member of staff in the library at Kakuyuni and was instrumental in the setting up of the library and in developing its work with the school.

Why she applied for the library job
Work in home area and with books as she was a teacher.  Some of her children attend the school.

What Janet likes most about the job
Ample time to read and expand her knowledge.  Likes working with the children and encouraging them to read.

What she has learned
Cataloguing, classification, report writing, correspondence, book display etc.

Janet’s ambitions
To be a qualified librarian

How Janet would like to see the library should develop
More books on African writers and access to the internet

Biographical details
Date of birth = 1968

Birth of place = Kakuyuni

1974 – 1982 = Kakuyuni primary

1984 – 1987 = Chumani secondary school

1992 – Shanzu teachers college but left due to illness

2007 – started work in Kakuyuni library

(interviewed by Fred Kittu)