Fred Kittu

Fred was appointed as the permanent senior librarian in Dabaso during our trip in October 2012.  Previously he was employed on a temporary contract to provide additional support to the library during Stephen’s course and Josephine’s maternity cover. He is already a very established member of staff.

He is very interested in writing a history of the local community and has begun this work with community members and students from the school.

Biographical details
Date of birth = 1983
Birth place = Dabaso
1990 – 1998 = Dabaso primary school
1999 – 2000 = Gede primary school
2002 – 2004 = Gede secondary school
2006 – 2007 = Computer course at Rempas and Italian
From June 2008 = Employed to Dabaso library as assistant librarian

Major interest for applying for the job
Desire to work in the locality and enthusiasm towards learning more from reading the collection in the library.

What Fred likes most about the job
Interaction with students and library users, expansion of knowledge, seeing others emulate through the useful collection, etc

What he has learned
Cataloguing, shelving, record keeping, report writing and correspondence

Any ambitions
Be a professional librarian

How Fred would like to see the library develop

Creation of a cyber unit, other computer related services e.g photocopying, lamination etc