Dabaso: October 2017

Greetings from Dabaso!

I have the pleasure to present to you the 44th report. However, I wish to go through with you some of the highlights during the reporting period as we get started.

A library volunteer

Harrison Kaingu Ngwiya is a man nearing 40. For quite a spell now, he has been coming over to the library every morning to do volunteer work. For starters, the man from the community once worked as a gatekeeper at Dabaso primary school.

During his heyday, he used to come over at the library to access newspapers. This is where his passion to join the library as a volunteer started.

When he initially joined the library, he enrolled himself with the computer class. He studied for about four months. When he graduated, he helped new computer students.

Today, he has vast knowledge because he can lend a hand in various sections within the library.

For the whole report, please download it here.