Kakuyuni Library

Kakuyuni Library opened on 12 October 2007 with a ceremony attended by the community and local officials.

The newly-appointed librarians’ first task was to conduct a survey of 305 local people’s reading habits. It reveals an adult population reporting 80% literacy, 99% of whom say they like reading books or newspapers. However, books are beyond most people’s means, and only 34% of the literate adults and 2% of primary children had ever used a library – until now!

The village lies about fifteen miles inland from the Coast, at the hub of a large population. Ten schools and a polytechnic are within walking distance of the new library which boasts a separate children’s section and an extra study room.

To increase spaces for reading, the area outside the library has been planted with a ‘living’ fence and a number of shelters (called makuti) to provide shade for tables and chairs.┬áThis can be seen in the photos and has really encouraged adults from the local community to visit the library.