Dabaso Library

Dabaso Library was started as a small collection of books in 2003 in a rural community only a few miles from the Coast.

In 2006, Dabaso Primary School was the most improved in the District, leaping from second to bottom place in public exams to Number Two – an effect largely credited to the library. It has continued to make steady progress.

Expanded in October 2006 with the appointment of a librarian, it now houses around 6,000 books – reference works, fiction, children’s books and a large number of school text books in every subject. Up to 40 readers can sit at tables and there is a small room for the youngest children.

Recently, the stock has been replenished with books requested from both the UK and local publishers in Nairobi, with books in Swahili, and with revision guides for students.

There have been several changes of Headteacher since we started working in the school. There has been consistent support for the library from the school and the Management Committee.

Electricity connections have recently reached the area and the library now has lighting, fans and computers.